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5 Healthy Habits for 2024

The start of a New Year, a new month and new motivation. Goals don't create themselves. They don't exist without you wanting to make some kind of improvement. So what's been on your mind? Try these easy healthy habits to kick start your year.



Besides improving your health, lifestyle, routine or outlook, healthy habits are motivating. They help you stay focused (or give you a focus) and increase productivity. You will get a boost of self esteem, reduce stress and discover healthy personal growth. So let's look at some easy ideas to implement.

Wake Up Sleepy Head

Get a morning routine going and stick to it. Once the routine becomes effortless, it is now a habit. It could be a daily stretching session, exercise, washing folded, lunch made, emails checked..... getting to 10am and feeling like you've already succeeded.

Break It Up

Taking regular breaks helps you relax and recover. Despite thinking you're losing time by resting, you will actually be far more productive if you allow yourself some time out. Think coffee catch up, lying on the grass or playing a game with the kids. And schedule it in if you're prone to avoiding time out!

Exercise regularly

Exercise improves your brain health, mental health and physical health. It improves circulation and mood- a win win from any perspective. Record your progress and find someone you can be accountable to.

“Great acts are made up of small deeds.” - Lao Tzu

Size Counts

You might have a big goal, something you want to achieve. But you can't get from A to Z without all the steps in between. Set small goals to lead to your big achievements. By working on small goals regularly, you'll be forming constant positive habits of achievement. You're motivation will be on fire!

Prioritise Healthy Relationships

I love my family. I couldn't imagine not having them around or seeing them regularly. Keep those relationships healthy and fill each other's buckets. Don't forget to nurture friendships that are fruitful.

Check in

Whether it's weekly, fortnightly or monthly remember to check in on your progress. If you need to reassess the situation, then do. It's important to keep your goals achievable, your habits regular.

Kickstart this year on the right foot. Why not checkout my variety or weekly planners or downloadable daily and perpetual planners to help you head in the right direction.

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