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Small Fry in a Big Pond

Since marrying my husband nearly 14 years ago, I have always been in business. Despite having no skills or qualifications in business management, accounting, marketing, social media, operations, logistics, etc, etc, this is what I have found myself doing.

But I've always been in the background - I can handle that.

It wasn't until I started this journey of creating a planner, that I realised what it's like to be at the forefront - having your idea exposed to the world, open to criticism and having people find out who I am. It's scary!

But the feedback has been incredible, your support has been amazing and I've shed a few happy tears. Another thing that has happened since going live is discovering the world of small businesses and, in particular, just how many of them there are. It got me to thinking, "How can I work with other small businesses so we can all achieve what we are aiming for?"

Being small doesn't mean you can't have a big effect people.

I'm only new to this. I'm definitely still a small fry. But where I can, I want to work with others, and provide an opportunity for you, like what I am doing with Vicki.

Introducing Vicki Fraser.

Vicki has always had a love for art, and has a natural talent for producing amazing paintings, but it had only been an occasional thing while she focused on raising five children with her husband Dan. She has since decided to get back into art, and in 2020 she decided to enter the Emerging Art of the Year competition that was held in conjunction with the Tauranga Garden and Art Festival. Being selected as a finalist, she entered two pieces into the competition and watched as one of her pieces was purchased right before her eyes.

And the winner is...

She got the call. Vicki was chosen as the Emerging Artist of the Year! This solidified her thoughts of getting back in to art and creating pieces for the general public. I had a brainwave - why not see if Vicki would like to create the cover for my 2022 planners? I need a cover, and what better way than exposing her work to NZ?

Here's where you come in...

I want to include two Weekly Planners for 2022. So the second cover? I thought I would leave that up to you! I'm going to create a competition where you can send me your design ideas. Not only will you receive bragging rights if your cover design is chosen, but I will work with another small business to put together a prize.

Support Local

Kiwis are great. You get the whole small business thing. My eyes have been open to this small business thing. Interacting with people you've never met, knowing you have something in common, wanting to help each other....that's what this is. And it's NZ.

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Eleisha Hawkins
Eleisha Hawkins
01. maalisk. 2021

Awesome on all levels!

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