About the Designer

Sarah, sometimes known as Siri

Planning and organising were never my forte. But as time has gone on, these two skills have become key in my life.
My husband and I are self employed for which I am solely in charge of all the advertising, bookings, sending schedules, accounting, database, organising flights, designing apparel etc etc so I have to be on my game!
Being married 15 years, we have learnt how to make it work, our strengths and weaknesses, and I have had to learn a whole heap of skills in management. Adding four children to the mix and the logistical list keeps growing. I had to learn how to simplify my busy mum/work life.
I never thought I would then be branching out to design an NZ made weekly planner calendar. I'm heading into foreign territory. It's both exciting and scary, but I'm in it for the long haul and I hope you find my planner as useful as I do.