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Filter Out The Waste

When you're living day in, day out and not allowing yourself space or time to stop, it can be easy to forget what's actually important to...

Playing With Blocks

Interruptions come at us from all angles. An unexpected phone call, a morning tea invitation, a flat tyre.... and if you're anything like...

Productive Multi-Tasking

We are all busy - I get it! Our days are full of household chores, emails, meetings, appointments and after school activities for the...

Catching A Glimpse

When I took the leap to start Little Red House, it was because I couldn't find the product I needed. There wasn't a planner in NZ that...

The Art of "NO"

Would it be fair to say that, as an adult, we have all had a point in our lives where we have felt overwhelmed? Perhaps over-committed?...

Small Fry in a Big Pond

Since marrying my husband nearly 14 years ago, I have always been in business. Despite having no skills or qualifications in business...

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Such a great planner and it is local here in NZ!!! I used to have to order from overseas and there were so many wasted pages. This planner is perfect for keeping me, organized with school and church ministry.

LeAnna Comstock

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