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Why Does Writing a To-Do List Help?

Brain fog. Overwhelm. Over tired. Stressed. It's so easy to get to this point with day-to-day busy-ness. Yet there is a simple way we can better manage our brain functionality and it's in the form of pen and paper.

Age Is No Deciding Factor

It doesn't matter what stage in life you are, you can feel the fog. I remember thinking I was super busy after having my first child. But when I look back now, after having four children, I realise it wasn't as full on as it is now!

The fact is, life it just busy. Even my retired parents will tell you that. And the last thing we want is more load, or more stress.

Decrease Stress

Having a plan is a sure way to drecrease stress and anxiety. Not only that, you feel more in control. This is where a To-Do List is key. By off loading your thoughts onto paper, you will give your brain the space it needs to figure out everything else going on. Plus, you're more likely to be on time for things like appointments (meaning even more less stress).

Mental Recovery

After suffering a concussion recently, my physio explained how the brain only truely recovers when you're sleeping or in a complete state of rest. It rids itself of the toxic build up over the day. The more you load your brain during the day, the more fog and fatigue you feel. But by writing down as much as you can, you are helping your brain get through the day.

The Proof is in the .......List

Lists give you direction and focus. And if it's a grocery list (which you've forgotten to take with you) you actually have a higher chance of remembering what was on it. And the other bonus? You get to look at what you have accomplished and realise that, perhaps, you've accomplished more than you realise.

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