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Prep The Halls For Christmas - Part 2

So now we are in November. Christmas is literally 5 weeks away.....don't freak out! If you haven't read Part 1, start there. The point of this is to help you plan ahead to minimise that last minute Christmas rush- and traffic woes.

So get ready to map out your next 5 weeks- giving you motivation to get things done, to see it more clearly and plan.

In Part 1 we looked at setting the scene, getting an overall picture of how Christmas was going to look and sorting any travel plans that needed to be made. We also talked about gifting - the WHO and the WHAT (more details in my downloadable PDF).

Now, what about all the Christmas activities for our work places and our kids schools? No doubt you may have several of these to attend!

NOVEMBER: Corporate, themes

The wheels are in motion now. Shopping centres become more congested and supermarket aisles become busy. BUT there will be some great online sales happening still so keep your eye out for NZ businesses. And don't forget to put your holiday-leave request in with the boss!

Are you in charge of your work Christmas "do"?

  • Book accommodation early or consider an outdoor venue. Hiring a venue such as a restaurant will save you from having to organise food, but the bill might be steeper. Weigh up your budget options.

  • Hopefully your gifts are sorted by now, but if not, get these ordered/purchased! Then plan the menu and any activities!

If you're hosting, consider any themes - decorations, colours, sweaters.....oh the sweaters. Perhaps look at my NZ Christmas Planner to help you organise your day. Start organising these supplies now, including a tree (if you're getting one). Another fun list to create! This is where the side Notes on your Month Spread will come in handy.

POSTAGE! This is also your last chance to post any items overseas in order for it to get there in time. Check out for cut off dates.

DECEMBER: House, School, Pets, Wrapping, Groceries

We are approaching the pointy end of the season. The kids are finishing up school so it's time to stealthily hide their gifts, WRAP their gifts and juggle school holidays with work. Don't worry, you've got this!

  • Write a Christmas food list and START adding some non-perishable food items to your weekly grocery shop. It saves you from having a massive bill JUST before Christmas. And start buying wrapping paper - it sold out last year!

  • Any online orders within NZ should be completed by the first (maybe second) week of December to guarantee their arrival in time for Christmas.

  • CLEAN the house - break up the jobs over the month. Don't leave it all to the last minute. WRITE A LIST OF CHORES.

  • If you're travelling, consider your house security, let your neighbours know the dates you will be away, and arrange for your mail to be collected. Don't forget to make arrangements for your pets AT LEAST a couple of weeks in advance as catteries/kennels get a lot of bookings this time of year.

  • TIP: If you're heading away and have a bunch of indoor plants, put them all together in one place. Fill a bucket with water and have a piece of string/twine trailing from the bucket, to each plant. They will be self-watered in your absence!

A saying I just heard today was EAT THE FROG. Tie up any loose ends. Deal with THE FROG - basically if you knew you had to eat a frog, you would want to put it off, but then it becomes harder to do. DEAL with the frog first thing - get rid of that hard task first. Priorities and Productivity are key to getting ready and being prepared for Christmas Day.

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