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The Planner Explained

How to utilise the planner

This planner was created because I couldn't find a planner that made sense or had the spaces I needed for my juggling act known as life. So a created those spaces. I can see my week ahead more clearly. And I want you to be able to do the same. So here is an explanation of how you can use the planner, making it yours and simplifying your busy schedule.

The Planner Explained: Work
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Save The Date

Have a special anniversary to remember, or perhaps the school term start dates need to be written down. This is a great space for recording dates that are important to you.

Keep Up To Date

This is the page for all those finicky details that we seem to lose or can't keep up with! write it down, have it all in one spot, and keep on top of anything life throws you. With passwords for everything these days the last thing you need to be doing with your time is constantly resetting them.

It's A Date

Thinking of meals last minute or having impromptu dinner guests can sometimes be a but daunting. Write out your favourites here and create a delicious go-to menu for any occasion.

The Planner Explained: Work
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The Hub

This is where the majority of the work goes on. And to help you utilise this page even more, I've added water drops to help you keep a track of your daily water consumption - hydration is key in our busy lifestyles! Need something motivational or perhaps a memory verse? I've added a spot for that too.

See It All

A month spread is a great way to see what lies ahead of you. Use this page to plan your fitness training and set those goals. I use it to plan a months worth of meals. It means less stress, and also less food waste!

Get Creative

Can't explain it? Draw it out. Or perhaps you like drawing as a way of relaxing. Use this space however you see fit. It might just be the inspiration you need!

The Planner Explained: Work
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