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Plan in Threes - Tips For Task Planning

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

I recently showed you a dissection of the weekly planner (see post here) and how each section was designed to work, but I haven't discussed what we find when we use the planner to map out our week.

It can often end up looking like lots of busy-ness! Lots we want to get done- and not enough hours in the day.

But there is a way to change this!

Seeing Through The Fog

Mapping our week out is the answer, but can often lead to an overwhelming list of lists of things we want/need to get done. So how can we manage it best?

Minimalist Task Planning

I have no idea if that term has been used before but it summarises my thinking. Here's what to do:

  1. Write out everything for the week that doesn't include all the everyday things like laundry, dishes, making dinner etc. These things might be appointments, coffee dates, exercise plan, errands and much more.

  2. Prioritise - what has to be done i.e. obligations (read blog here)

  3. Choose three main tasks FOR THE WEEK and include a frog know...that task you keep putting off (if you put off eating the frog, it gets harder to do)

  4. If there are any other big tasks that you didn't choose, make a future plan for these by marking them down for a week in the future when you will plan to do them.

Not only will this help you see through the fog, but it will give you a focus and direction- which is powerful and motivating!

Like I said in my blog....... by prioritising you will see that some things can be put off. They don't have to be achieved instantly. Eat Your Greens First I learnt, as a child, to eat my least favourite foods first so I could end my dinner with the yummy bits - saving the best for last. The same goes for setting your weekly tasks/goals (I can put my hand up to say I am really bad at this). If my list has a few 'hard or time consuming tasks' on it then I usually want to put it off. But if I eat the greens first I am more productive and find I have more time to achieve more of my other tasks. Why? Because I'm not procrastinating. Rule of Threes By choosing just 3 main tasks or goals your week will feel more achievable and you'll be more motivated. It will give you;

  1. more focus

  2. more intention

  3. and make you more likely to accomplish your tasks/goals which increased positivity and productivity

But Which Three? Choose three tasks that aren't routine. These are the tasks that you might normally put in the 'too hard' basket or are a stepping-stone towards a larger task. It might be as simple as having a wardrobe de-clutter or accomplishing three workout sessions in the week.

We all know there are usually more than three tasks we need or want to accomplish each week, but if you prioritise, you will find that you can accomplish your list without the fog AND being motivated. You might even find you can achieve more than the list!

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