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Prep The Halls For Christmas - Top Tips To Get You Ready

Can you believe that Christmas is just over 10 weeks away?! I'm guessing the majority of us haven't given it too much thought, but if you are going to be-

  • Hosting

  • Travelling

  • Sending gifts overseas or

  • All of the above

then you should probably start thinking ahead now, and the month view double spread in the weekly planners is a great place to write it all out!

In this two part series I will talk you through HOW to get ready for Christmas and the many wonderful lists that can be written!


Set The Scene

Picture your Christmas. WHERE are you going to be? WHO will be with you? And WHAT do you need to do to get ready?

Break It Down

Write your list and map it out. This will help reduce stress, minimise time looking for carparks and help spread the cost. Here are some things to consider NOW:

  • Are you giving gifts? If so, who to? i.e. Family, friends or corporate?

  • Are you travelling? Do you need to book things like flights, accommodation, pet care or house sitting?

  • Are you hosting? Consider house cleaning projects, lawns and decorations.

  • Is there any food prep you need to take care of?

  • Can you delegate?

  • Christmas falls on a Sunday - will you be attending a Church service?

When should you start planning your Christmas?

All these questions! Again, depending on your Christmas situation, the timeline for some of these things will be different to others. Begin by considering which days of the week will be better for you to get your prep done. Next, check out this month by month guide I came up with as an example to use for your prep.

OCTOBER: Gifts, flights.

It's never too early to start looking for gifts. Even earlier than October if you fancy.

  • MAKE THE MOST OF SALES that pop up in the months before Christmas. This means writing a list of who you are buying for, and what those gifts might be.

  • Consider every group of people you might be buying for: family, friends, people overseas and corporate. If you're sending overseas, make sure you get on to that quick-smart! Cut-off dates for postage are in November.

  • Think NZ Made. Think Shop Local. There are so many amazing NZ small businesses that you can support, and you'll find most of these either online or at markets. Do a bit of browsing to see who you can support this Christmas.

Make sure you book any flights in advance. We all know that the longer you leave it the more expensive they get! On the flip side, is there anyone who is flying in to spend Christmas with you that might need picking up from the airport. Get dates. Write them down!

And what about a family photo for Christmas cards?.....Add it to the list this month to get them posted in time.

The start you make now is going to make November and December a breeze as you lead up to Christmas day.

Look at the big picture now, and consider everything you need to do. Lay it out in front of you and you are already on the right track!

Come back soon for Part 2.

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