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Let's Make it a Stress-Free December

There's a lot going on come the end of the year. Possible work pressure to meet deadlines before the holidays, figuring out who's house you're going to for Christmas, attempting to balance the kids-have-finished-school-but-I-still-have-to-work life, and then there's the Christmas shopping.

How to Organise Your Christmas Shopping Experience

Let's face it, this year didn't happen how any of us thought it would. So let's MAKE the most of our last month left in 2020, and not let it TAKE the most of us. With Christmas approaching, it is far to easy to get stressed out about getting all the shopping done, with no one left out, and orders arriving on time. Don't let that happen. Here's the plan....

Find Your Focus

Christmas is a time mixed with emotions, purpose and family. For some of us, it's a time when we remember the birth of Jesus Christ and how we came to have Christmas in the first place. For others it's about giving and spending time with family. It should be a joyful and joy filled time. Which is why you shouldn't let the shopping stress you out.

To Shop or Not to Shop

Not everyone is into gift giving and they have their reasons. Those who do choose to give may do so as a donation, be looking for NZ made only, or to buy only sustainable gifts, to support small businesses or big, maybe gift an experience as opposed to a physical gift.

No matter what your preference is, or how you choose to gift, here is my guide for making it stress free, planned and organised.

Making or buying?

Both require a timeline. If you're making your gifts you need to consider the following:

  • Plan how long it will take.

  • Do you need to buy any supplies?

  • How many items are you making?

  • Are you a novice or expert at what you are making? An expert could whip up a dress in a day, but if you're just learning how to sew, you will need to allow more time.

  • Is it perishable? This means you won't want to make it too soon so your days leading up to Christmas need to be focused on these items.

And amongst other things - what else is on your calendar between now and then?

"He's Making a List, he's checking it twice..."

Feel on top of your Christmas shopping and enjoy it - don't let it stress you out.

  • Make a list of what you need to get.

  • Make a list of who you are buying for and tick it off as you go so you don't over buy.

  • Keep an eye out for sales.

  • Consider your budget - If your budget is $100 and Aunt Mavis' gift is $60, Jed's is $25, then little Sally's gift will have a budget of $15 - this is why researching what you are considering is important.

  • Do a price comparison from home, find out where you will get the best priced/closest to you/most sustainable product you are looking for.

  • Write all your commitments on a page spread calendar including work and school pick ups.

  • Plan when you will go shopping and where. Break it up over a few trips if you need to.

  • Plan your route and work with what you already are doing - if you drive past the supply shop on your way home from work, stop and get what you need. It saves a trip out!

If you are one to go shopping for Christmas, make it a good one. Budget for a coffee stop and allow some time to breathe!

Most of all, find the enjoyment factor - don't let it bog you down. Have Christmas sorted!

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