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6 Ways to get 5 Minutes 4 You

Time is precious. This is why the way you spend your time is important. It's a balancing act between what we have to do, need to do, and want to do. And when it comes to making time for you, I would say that's on the "need to do" list.

Think about where you are at in your life. If you're a mum, married, a grandparent, in full-time employment, retired etc, we end up giving a lot of ourselves to others. This is a good thing! But sometimes we forget to take time for ourselves.

We can find ourselves lethargic, run down and moody (maybe I'm speaking for myself on that one!), without understanding why. There could be a few different contributing factors, but one I want you to consider is - have you given yourself some time?

It's not at all selfish. The fact that we give ourselves a bit of time, or a small indulgence means we can have that little bit extra energy, we can run that extra errand, we can better support the needs of those around us, and we can put more into our work.

But how can we fit it into our day?

Easy peasy. Let's call it 6-5-4 Here are 6 simple ways to have 5 minutes, to give yourself some "you" time (4 you).

1. Have a shower. Lol. I'm assuming most people bathe on a regular basis, but I'm talking about a decent shower - one where you don't worry about how much hot water you use, and one where you stay in a few minutes longer. I discovered the Mango and Coconut Body Scrub from The Salty Collective This is my go to. The smell is amazing and it's a little treat just for me.

2. Grab a coffee - or a tea if you prefer, from your local coffee cart. If you have time to sit and enjoy, then do. Perhaps you could contemplate your next move, or maybe you're already on the move. But sip it up. Know you've just supported another small business and topped up your happy tank with your favourite hot drink.

3. Sort through your recipes - not only will it help you better prepare your weekly meal plan (and save you money at grocery time), but it's relaxing and productive at the same time! You'll rediscover some inspiration or realise you need something new. If this is the case, The World's Easiest Recipes, by Linda Duncan (from Taupo!) would be worth your time. So so simple and so tasty.

4. Do a puzzle - jigsaw, sudoku, crossword - any type of puzzle! Although your mind is still having to work, it's time out and away from other things.

5. Stretch - No matter what your go to is with exercising, stretching can help with posture, stress and improves blood flow making you feel better and giving you a pick-me-up. And you can do it at home!

6. Draw, doodle, sketch or write a poem - get those creative juices flowing. Not only is this another great stress reliever, but it may provide some much needed inspiration. And who said it needed to be on paper! Chalk draw, paint your nails, try decoupage. You could even enlist in a workshop with a local art gallery or business like what Paint Me Vintage offer.

However you choose to spend your free moment, make sure it's about you. Find what works, find what fits. But whatever you find, make sure you DO. As I have been told so many times myself, you can help people best when you've helped yourself first.

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1 Comment

Lydia Garner
Lydia Garner
Oct 20, 2021

I'm a big fan of balancing busyness and rest! I agree that each home life has it's own set of challenges. Mine is homeschooling and having four kids around 24/7. When we had the typical 3brdm home with a small section, my time out was two hours alone each week to simply breathe. Sometimes I did leisurely browsing in shops, but usually I took my Bible somewhere quiet and scenic.

With our bigger lifestyle block and huge rental at present, I find I have a lot more space, so don't feel the need to leave for breathing room. I'm currently in the process of making myself a morning person and already seeing the positives. I always knew there were positives…

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