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Keeping It Real

When I knew I needed to add photos of my product to the website, that was fine. When I realised I might need to add photos of myself.... that was another thing. I'm not confident in front of a camera, so I thought about making sure I had make up on etc. But then I thought - NO. I need to be me, just me. The whole point of this planner was to create something that worked for my busy lifestyle. The planner is my own idea, it's an insight as to who I am, so I just need to keep on being me.

I don't wear make up on a regular basis, my office is a happy mess, my laundry isn't always folded and my phone has a cracked screen from my toddler biting it. That's who I am, and that's why the planner came to be.

In our earlier years of marriage I was a tidying freak, but with four kids, you just can't. Someone once told me that little handprints on a window is a reminder of the blessing that is having children. And they are right. I will enjoy that mess a while longer.

I want to be true and real to my customers. I am not a business, I am a person who had an idea. And I am bringing my idea to you.

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