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Make A List, Check It Twice

We all know what's around the corner..... but are you prepared?

For some people this is their favourite time of year because, whether they realise it or not, they thrive on organising. There are so many lists you get to write, meals you get to plan, people to organise gifts for, and so much more.

For others it's simply about surviving - last minute shopping (did anyone remember the Christmas ham?), the kids are sick, spending Christmas Eve wrapping presents. No matter what type of person you are, making lists will go a long way to helping you see through Christmas, and beyond.

Dashing Through The Snow

Don't let this be you. If you're not into writing lists, now is a good time to start. And make it a habit. So what can you make a list for?

  • Groceries! Did you run out of toilet paper? Write it down, so when you get to the supermarket, you don't forget to buy more. Better yet, grab one of my Dinner Planner/Grocery lists!

  • In saying that.... Meals! This helps you minimise your grocery list as you end up spending less on non-essentials. Compare week to week, see what worked and what didn't. Super handy!

  • Household chores - this is your normal day-to-day chores such as vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, folding washing etc. It's so satisfying ticking off those chores! I've even been known to add things to my list AFTER I've done them.

  • Things to do: these can be bigger household things such as washing windows, clearing the gutter, etc.

  • Errands to run: Getting a warrant, dropping off Little Jimmy's shoes he left at your place, picking up a prescription etc. (wow we have busy lives!)

  • Things to buy: batteries is a big one in our household.....and so are school uniforms!

All Is Calm

Sure. I can make a list. But why write a list when I can just memorise it? Lists can:

  • Help you prioritise

  • Can take things off your mind

  • Gives you a sense of accomplishment - have you ever noticed at the end of the day it's hard to recall what you actually did? Writing it down means you can see it all.

  • Lists help with anxiety

  • Alleviate distraction - we can focus better when we are not trying to memorise everything

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like....

So back to Christmas. What do you need to remember and what could you turn into a list so things are being left last minute?

  • Are you on Christmas lunch?

  • Who are you inviting? Or who are you gifting to this year?

  • Do you have kids? When do they finish school for the year?

  • Whose place are we going to and when?

  • Going on holiday? What do you need to pack? Have you put your "out of office" on? Does the dog need to go to a kennel?

All I Want For Christmas

Is to be organised. Just kidding. It's not just about being organised. But with Christmas coming, now is a good time to start writing lists, seeing the benefits of list making, and sticking to a good habit of list making.

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