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Productive Multi-Tasking

We are all busy - I get it! Our days are full of household chores, emails, meetings, appointments and after school activities for the kids. But perhaps we can get back some of this time by incorporating a few multitasks.

Multitasking can be a controversial subject, and to some extent I agree. It can actually be counter productive and take longer to complete two tasks when paired together. Some multitasking can even be dangerous. But I do believe there is a right way to multitask that is productive.

Mind Over Matter

I struggle to concentrate on work if I an constantly shifting from one task to another and back again. I need to be able to focus on some tasks completely without distraction.

But then there are some things I have found DO work, tasks that can be easily paired up with another task. Usually this involves one mental ‘focus’ task and one auto-pilot or physical task.

Go On, Show Me

First distinguish your tasks into ‘multitasks’ and ‘focus’ tasks.

You might be one of those people that multitasks by taking your phone into the bathroom…..each to their own! I hope you don’t take any incoming phone calls while you’re there. But here are some tried and tested ideas for you to try:

  • Walk with a purpose – if you leave one room in a house to head to another, take something with you that needs to be put away like a pair of shoes. Then when you head back, think about what else you could do as your walking in your house.

  • While cooking dinner you could do the dishes, listen to a podcast or informative video, go through the kids homework with them, catch up on how their day was.

  • Listen to a podcast or watch a video while folding the washing or bathing the kids.

  • Wanting to get some exercise? How about walking/cycling to work, or the local shops. All of these help you to achieve two things at once.

  • Time yourself. See what you can get done while you are waiting for the oven or microwave to finish. The kitchen could be clean and tidy by the time you’re ready to eat.

  • While the jug is boiling for your morning cuppa, see if you can get the washing hung out. Don’t stand idle!

  • Watching the kids in the bath while writing a blog (who me?). Or clean the basin.

  • While sitting in front of the TV you could check emails.

  • Answer text or emails while waiting for an appointment.

  • Walk the dog while taking a call or how about walking while catching up with a friend.


Multitasking done the right way can be productive. Make a list if what you intend to do with your day and see if there are any tasks that can be worked together. You may already be multitasking and not realise it! Make your steps count, use your time wisely and be at your best.

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Tammy Luca
Tammy Luca
15 ago 2021

Keep up the good work!

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