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Routine For The Busy.

Once you get the swing of things in adult life, you find you have natural routines. You wake, eat, brush your teeth, go to work, get home, cook dinner, shower, watch TV, sleep etc etc. Perhaps you don't even realise you have a routine. It's more like habit forming.

When my husband and I were first married one particular habit or routine that we differentiated on was pudding of all things. I rarely eat after dinner. But my husband puts the jug on for a hot cuppa and looks in the pantry for something sweet.

But breaking it down even more, I have come to form weekly work and family routines. With work, I had my weekly planner. I kept a track of appointments, made lists of things to do each day and formed a routine for how each day went. And now our four kids have their set days of school, sports, and appointments that I have to fit in to my routine too. So I needed a weekly plan.

Every Monday we are fortunate enough to go to my mother-in-laws. She feeds 25 of us each Monday (except if it's her birthday). So due to Monday's chit chat catch ups and game playing, I decided this day is for the work lists I do every week (the things I don't have to think too much about) - reconciliations, adding the names of people my husband is coaching to our calendar, checking for payments, booking flights and setting up Seesaw drafts.

Chore Tuesday's are the day my youngest is home so not a lot of office work goes on. This is a day when my youngest is home so this is my "around the house" chores, upkept and shopping is done.

My core work days are Wednesday's and Thursday's. This is when I crack the whip in the office, send out schedules for my husbands work, and now, focus on my Weekly Planner business.

Friday's are hit an miss. I am thankful I have my mother around to take my son to is Riding for the Disabled Lessons. So I work pretty flat out on a Friday morning so I can spend time with my younger two when they get home.

So I have to have things planned out. Every spare ounce of my day is dedicated to something. I have come to rely on my planner so I can clearly see where I can get things done. Especially when the unexpected pops up like a dentist appointment, or a child home sick from school. The planner had helped me to not stress out with a "I've got so much to do!" I can clearly line up how much I have on each day, being realistic about what I have going on in my day, and not trying to work while the kids are constantly looking for my attention....or food.

I made it a rule that once the kids are home from school, my time goes to them. I can't keep saying "I will help you soon" or "can you see if one of the others can help?" I can balance my work and family life better when I can see it all in front of me. This is why I needed this planner and why I needed my weekly routine.

Oh and my running schedule? Yup. That's right. On top of all this I run 3-4 times a week training for half marathons. That's for another blog.

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